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(Re)Introducing amaranth, buckwheat, foxtail millet, spelt, rye, red rice and nigella seed through our “The New Delicious” food developed from the hand-picked popular recipes especially from Nepal and other Asian region.

Winchester Market
High Street, Winchester
Friday - Saturday
10am - 4pm

About Us

Let’s begin with the name.

“Marse” (मार्से) is the given Nepalese name to “Amaranth” (Amaranthus sp.) in the remote far western mountains of Nepal. Native to Mexico, amaranth is one of the super nutritious ancient grains which is protein rich and the plant itself is climate resilient but has remained unknown and underutilized in the modern world.

Marse: The New Delicious, as a small catering business brings amaranth and other underutilized ancient grains on your plates using new & innovative as well as traditional food recipes from Nepal and around the globe. Currently, we have “The New Delicious” food made out of 6 ancient grains of amaranth, buckwheat, millet, spelt, rye and red rice and also 9 types of beans and pulses.

This is our little effort to acknowledge and support the farmers around the world who continue to conserve and grow those incredible ancient grains and maintain biodiversity in the farm. Sustainability through helping maintain biodiversity in the farm is the ultimate goal that this business strives to achieve. Therefore, you will have not only “tastes good”, but also “feels good” experience at Marse: The New Delicious.

Our Story

Laxmi Lama


I love everything about food. I love to eat, have passion for cooking, and love travelling to learn about different food cultures. I champion for utilizing ancient grains and other underutilized crops for sustainability in terms of health and environment.

My experience working on several research and development projects on amaranth/ancient grains and other underutilized crops with custodian farmers (in Nepal and Vietnam) has always made me realize the need of integrating these crops in the present food system if we want to see these crops thriving in the fields, if we want to ensure the nutrition and health of our family and, if we want to support the livelihood of the farmers who care about ecological balance.

The problem with ancient grains and other underutilized crops is that they have been replaced by modern hybrid varieties of rice, wheat and maize (yes, only 3 major crops dominating the whole world!). The popularity remains in few old generations in rural communities and the old recipes are less attractive to new generations. In the cities, people with dietary restrictions and preferences relating to their health, religion, and philosophy, fancy to buy them in health stores but the majority of the people in the world are unaware of their existence. 

As a solution, after several weeks of trials, we came up with some delicious and attractive dishes using ancient grains inspired by the recipes from Nepal and other Asian regions to (re)introduce them to a wider mass. And eh voila! Marse: The New Delicious was born. 

Since August 2019 Winchester City has become the home for Marse: The New Delicious the city where the people are very humble and supportive to local businesses and healthy and sustainable living. We love Winchester. 

My lovely husband, Santosh Chumi, has always been there supporting me through the whole process and we work as a team running this small business where we have put our hearts 💚and souls.

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Winchester Market
High Street, Winchester
Friday - Saturday
10am - 4pm
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